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Published: Thursday 29 August, 2013

michael kors purse michael kors purse Eiffel Tower turns light off to signal climate risk

The Eiffel Towers illuminations are one of the most notable features of the French capitals skyline and account for 9 percent of the 7 megawatts consumed hourly by the structure.

Earlier this week, environmental campaigners from Greenpeace hung a banner showing a giant thermometer from the Eiffel Tower to publicise the global warming issue. report on climate change to be released officially on Friday in Paris projects a big rise in temperatures and warns of heatwaves, floods, droughts and rising sea levels linked t michael kors purse o greenhouse gases michael kors purse , released mainly by the use of fossil fuels.

The symbolic switch off is part of a campaign organised in conjunction with the Paris mayors office to highlight the impact of energy consumption on global warming.

Illuminations on several other French monuments will also be switched off.

French gr michael kors purse id operator RTE said there could be unexpected consequences when lights were turned back on.

This is not an exercise without risk, an RTE spokesman said. It could trigger an important weakness in the system but we will do our utmost to prevent a blackout. michael kors purse

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