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Published: Wednesday 07 August, 2013

michael kors outlet shopping online michael kors outlet shopping online Families face more green tax michael kors outlet shopping online pain as power stations carry on polluting

Britain power stations are still pumping out increasing amounts of greenhouse gases while families face a rise in taxes designed to cut emissions.

The escalation in pollution levels comes as the average household is being forced to contribute 112 in green taxes each year.

By the end of the decade, families will have to pay almost 300 a year to fund renewable energy, such as wind and nuclear, as well as insulating older homes. Both policies are being heavily promoted by the Government in a bid to cut the nation carbon dioxide gas emissions in order to meet stringent international targets.

Carbon dioxide accounts for more than 80 per cent of Britain total greenhouse gas emissions.

With 40 per cent of emissions coming from the energy sector and only 15 per cent produced by households, critics say targeting families while increasing output from power stations is pointless.

Dr Lee Moroney of the Renewable Energy Foundation, which publishes energy data, said: is unreasonable that hardpressed householders are being made to fund increasingly expensive and diverse energy policies which these latest figures show are clearly not working.

A Eurostat spokesman said: the moment, the global price for hard coal is down and we see in the UK a huge increase in its use 27 per cent compared to the previous year while gas and oil use has fallen.

In 2011, Britain delivered the biggest emissions cuts in the EU, reducing total greenhouse gas output by 40 million tons, a fall of 7 per cent.

Earlier this week, Energy Secretary Ed Davey said he will push for the EU to adopt the most stringent green targets in the world.

He said he would seek a legally bindi michael kors outlet shopping online ng target to cut collective greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 50 per cent by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said: coal relative to gas h michael kors outlet shopping online as resulted in a shortterm increase in the amount of carbon emissions from UK power stations.

The amount of coal generation is expected to decline rapidly by 2020 as a result of our move to a low carbon economy.

gas prices have primarily been pushing up household energy bills not green subsidies.

in homegrown alternatives is the only surefire way of insulating our economy and billpayers from international energy price volatility.

household energyefficiency policies are more than offsetting the costs of clean energy investment. By 2020 the average household bill will be 166 lower than it would be if we were doing nothing. 2. Oil will run out it wont because oil is abiotic and continuously being generated by the Earth and will continue until the Planet no longer exists. Oil will never run out. 3. Coal is heavily polluting not if treated and processed to burn cleanly or if converted to natural gas. 4 Nuclear power is good not so and examples include Chernobyl and Fukushima. Nuclear power plants always leak radiation and are hugely expensive with waste material to outlast any known recorded civilisation in human history. In the event of massive solar flare Coronal Mass Ejection or CME all unprotected electrical, electronic and computer systems will be permanently destroyed and so all nuclear power plants will go into meltdown at the same everywhere that was on the planet surface facing the sun. The radiation will mean the end of life on the Earths surface.

1. There is no scientific evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming NONE. 2. DM you should NOT use a picture of steam against the setting sun to try to claim pollution CO2 is invisible this is pure propaganda by ignorant journalists. 3. There has been NO warming for more than 15 years NONE every single climate model 44 in all has been shown to be WRONG. 4. The EU should be told where to go as UK is running out of base load power and energy is becoming prohibitively expensive 5. Finally you didnt raise ANY headlines when TWO THOUSAND people in UK died of cold in energy poverty in the first two weeks of March this year. Only ten weeks ago But you support the EU closing more power stations on the back of failed science? Whose side are you on DM??

I dont believe this information for one minute, its just a load of cobblers to make you the public think that its justifiable to close down the coal fired power stations without causing an uproar. You should all tell your MPs that its not OK, and they should stay open until we get shale gas on stream. The price of gas is not going up at the rate they claim, its the subsidies for windmills that are running amok. Thats why they wont allow energy companies to separate them from energy costs and show the true cost of green taxes on our energy bills. michael kors outlet shopping online