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Published: Tuesday 16 July, 2013

michael kors lilly medium tote michael kors lilly medium tote Edward Snowden says motive behind leaks was to expose state

policies that seek to develop secret, irresistible powers and concentrate them in t michael kors lilly medium tote he hands of an unaccountable few, human weakness haunted me, Snowden wrote in the note, which would accompany the first documents he leaked. I worked in secret to resist them, selfish fear questioned if the stone thrown by a single man could justify the loss of everything he loves.

have come to my answer. intelligence community. As he did so, he said, he became disillusioned with American government policies.

In an interview, he told The Washington Post that he could not a single moment in which his desire to violate his oath to protect topsecret information coalesced into the final decision to reveal that information publicly.

was more of a slow realization that presidents could openly lie to secure the office and then break public promises without consequence, he said.

According to campaign finance reports, Snowden made a $250 donation to Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign in March of that year, and gave another $250 in May. Paul has been a critic of excessive government intrusion.

Snowden, a softspoken analyst w michael kors lilly medium tote ith ties to the Washington area, said he advanced in the intelligence world through his understanding of computer programming and the Internet, though he has no visible Internet presence himself.

With wire glasses, short, dark hair and a michael kors lilly medium tote thin goatee, he maintains an academic look. Yet he never completed his coursework at a community college in Maryland, only later obtaining his GED an unusually light education for someone who would advance in the intelligence ranks.

For the past several months, Snowden was stationed in Hawaii, working as an NSA contractor for the firm Booz Allen Hamilton. It was there, at the NSA offices, he told the Guardian newspaper, that he copied the last set of documents he intended to disclose, told his NSA supervisors he needed time off for treatment for epilepsy, and boarded a flight to Hong Kong.

A storm has followed him. The Obama administration said Sunday that the NSA has asked the Justice Department to investigate the leak. Booz Allen condemned its erstwhile employee, and said Snowden had worked for them for less than three months. michael kors lilly medium tote