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low boots isabel marant

Published: Tuesday 06 August, 2013

low boots isabel marant low boots isabel marant Animal Rights Foundation of Florida to host Indepe low boots isabel marant ndence for t

Great turnout. All the food was delicious, loved the hot dogs, the burgers, the chicken, all the cheesecakes, etc. Too many to mention. The nicest part of it all is being able to eat so much food without having to worry about my cholesterol levels, h low boots isabel marant eart attacks, cancer, obesity, the tons of waste that the meat industry puts into our streams, the fact that the meat industry is responsible for producing more greenhouse gases than all the cars in the world combined, all the destruction of the rainforests, the fact that it takes 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef the 16 pounds of grain could feed 32 people. not enough space to write everything in here, but you get the idea. Wish I had the billions all these industries invest in commercials and marketing to show the truth, since they have the majority of people brainwashed and deceived.

cliched troll wrote:

Nah he/she is either just ignorant or uninformed and is attempting to poke holes in the standards that animal rights people, vegetarians and vegans adhere to.

But being able to make a cheese cake with NO ani low boots isabel marant mal products is NOTHING new, nor is it anything new that are the many other dishes that can be made with NO animal products and taste GREAT and are actually so much healthier for the person eating it, the planet and the animals! low boots isabel marant