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Published: Tuesday 10 September, 2013

isabel marant sneaker shop online isabel marant sneaker shop online Any Way To OC with G31

As I recall, motherboards with integrated graphics like the G31 can not be significantly overclocked. The reason is that the IGP part can not go faster.Much depends on the choice of the processor. The G31/G41 is an economy chipset with an upper FSB frequency of generally less than 360 370 MHz. That means a CPU with a 333 MHz FSB freq will not be able to acheive a significant overclock. A CPU with a relatively low FSB freq and high internal multiplier the E5200 family, for instance can do quite well.My particular G isabel marant sneaker shop online 41 will boot at 360 MHz, but it is not stable 24 hrs Prime95 much over 350 MHz. Because it is an office style PC, I just stopped at 333 MHz.The IGP is not the problem and the presence of a discrete video card makes no difference.The CPU will should only get damaged if it run out of spec such as temp going over 73.3 or more that 1.5V get damaged. A general rule is dont overclock anything you cannot afford to lose.There is a guide available on Toms hereThe main issue you have is that you cannot control Vcore the voltage to the CPUon those mot isabel marant sneaker shop online herboards. The Temp Limit for the E2200 I believe is 73C and 1.5 V.To provide a stress test to see how hot it gets try IntelBurnTest IBTuse a temp monitor such as core tempRun Coretemp and follow with IBT. Watch the temps closely. If the core temps reach 68C turn off IBT. If the temps never hit 70c you are good to go. If the CPU slows down repeatadly at a certain temp, its the board.TRy to make sure that in Coretemp, the VID never goes above 1.5. That might damage the CPU.Downluad and run cpuz. It will identify your mo isabel marant sneaker shop online therboard, andits bios version.To test stability, download and run prime95. Pick the option for rounding checking. Run it long enough for the cpu temperature to reach its maximum and stabilize.You should get NO rounding errors if your OC is stable.If your cpu exceeds its maximum safe temperature, it will downclock itself for protection. You are safe enough if you do not increase the voltage to the cpu. isabel marant sneaker shop online