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Published: Tuesday 10 September, 2013

isabel marant outlet store isabel marant outlet store Cut g isabel marant outlet store reenhouse gases by giving fish oil to cows

Cows contribute to global warming AP/K McCall

Cows are a major source of the greenhouse gas methane. But researchers now find that giving fish oil to cows cuts their methane release and may help counter globa isabel marant outlet store l climate change.

Methane, created by bacteria in cows digestive tract is 23% more potent at contributing to climate change than carbon dioxide according to experts cow gas.

As a result, cows represent almost 20% of the world problem with greenhouse gases. But researchers at University College Dublin have found that adding 2% fish oil to cows diets reduces the methane they release.

Researcher Lorraine Lillis, PhD, told the Society for General Microbiol isabel marant outlet store ogy meeting in Harrogate, that, The fish oil affects the methaneproducing bacteria in the rumen part of the cows gut, leading to reduced emissions. isabel marant outlet store