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Published: Wednesday 18 September, 2013

is michael kors factory real is michael kors factory real ´╗┐Alliance wrong on nuclear energy Knoxville News Sentinel

As is apparent to any observer, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is opposed to nuclear energy in any form and will use any excuse to shut down or stop construction of a plant, so quoting their concerns has little meaning TVA must address safety concerns before approving plants completion, editorial, Aug. 15. The safety concerns they raise, if at all real, are by law covered by regulation by the

Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and they have every right to bring these before licensing hearings. The NRC does not grandfather safety, and any plant, new or old, needs to meet the same level of acceptability. This system of regulation has worked exceptionally well for both our region and our country, with todays nuclear plants having both remarkable levels of safety and tremendous efficiency.

It will indeed be costly to complete the Bel is michael kors factory real lefonte plant, but the real question needs to be what is the cost of the alternatives? Solar and wind are still out of reach and will be for decades to come. TVA has already agreed to limit coal use to meet environmental goals, s is michael kors factory real o more coal is not on the table. I do not think SACE wants us to burn natural gas given that it, too, pollutes the air as well as emits greenhouse gases. Besides, todays cheap gas can, and is michael kors factory real has in the past, with the vagaries of the market, quickly turned into an expensive fuel. Nuclear has been a good bet for TVA over the last two decades, and completing Bellefonte will provide the electricity needed to replace that from coal plants that will close and to fuel the valleys economic future.

Your hyperbolic remarks aside, the safety protocols at Three Mile Island worked exactly as they were designed, no radiation escaped from the containment building. And, how can America be responsible for reactors in other countries like Iran?

In addition, please share with us your knowledge of the other options available to power 20% of the country as the 100+ reactors do now?

As it takes years to get reactors online, which we have seen here at Watts Bar, the time to start new construction is NOW or itll be one of them there Sophocles tragedies for your microwave. is michael kors factory real