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Published: Friday 19 July, 2013

handbags outlet online handbags outlet online Estudo sobre altera das de cultivo

Animao criada a partir de base de dados para estudo realizado no Canad, pelo departamento de Geografia, que mostraas mudanas emreas de cultivo desde o ano1700 at 2000. Com esta investigao tentase demonstrar os efeitos nefastos quepemem causa os ecossistemas , caso no exista uma rpida alterao de prticasagrcolas, pelo aumento vertiginoso dapopulao e consequente necessidade de procura de alimento.

Humans have transformed the face of Planet Earth for growing crops and grazing cattle. While these land use practices provide muchneeded benefits food for a growing population, as well as livelihoods for farmers in the long term, they degrade the environment. Agriculture has also been implicated in the loss of natural vegetation, increase in greenhouse gases, modification of regional and global climate, altering freshwater flow and quality, increasing air pollution, extinction of species, and spread of diseases. Therefore, agricultural land use represents an inherent tradeoff. Our research group is working on several different projects to understand the Earth system consequences of global and regional landuse practices. We are broadly interested in the question of how we can best manage land use around the planet in order to maintain the services valuable to humanity without degrading the environment.______________________________________________________________________Understanding Global and Regional Patterns of Agricultural Land Use.

There is scant information on the global extent and spatial patterns of even the most obvious land use practices such as cultivation and grazing. Therefore, we are developing methods to characterize the spatial patterns of current and historical land use and land cover changes using a synthesis handbags outlet online of satellite and groundbased data sources. In this context, feeding the 1 in 7 billion who are hungry today, and the additional 23 billion people expected by the end of the century will be a major challenge. How can we increase global food provisioning while lowering its global environmental costs? This is a major question being addressed by our research group, in collaboration with the Global Landscapes Initiative at the University of Minnesota. We have recently developed a processbased model, PEGASUS, to simulate the impacts of climate change, including potential responses in management practices planting dates cultivar choices on crop production. It is the second largest contributor to CO2 emissions next to transportation. Mitigating climate change may involve measures such as REDD Reducing Emissions from handbags outlet online Deforestation and Degradation. However, to institute such a policy requires a good understanding of the land cover changes related to deforestation in the tropics as well as associated emissions. We are working on dev handbags outlet online eloping data sets and models to address this challenge.. handbags outlet online