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Published: Wednesday 25 September, 2013

handbags designer handbags designer Global warming is political science

No, it would take courage to stand up to the fossil fuels industry, not to kowtow to it for personal and political gain, and to fight for Americans would be to fight for what in our best interests, and the continued longterm degradation of the planet for the shortterm profiteering of the filthy rich few is not in our best interests. It what you call treason.

Repugnican Tea Party presidential frontrunner Prick Santorum fucktheplanet insanity rolls on, belching greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as it chugs.

In the swing state of Ohio today, he pronounced that as president the continued support for the coal industry and approval of the Keystone Pipeline would be part of his environmental stewardship, The Los Angeles Times.

environmental stewardship. That just like calling the promotion of burgers, fries and milkshakes health promotion. Barack Obama who, recall, sat on his hands while British Petroleum filled the Gulf of Mexico with crude for weeks but claimed that it had everything under control has environmental policies,

Radical, indeed. If Barack Obama who shot down the Keystone Pipeline, at least for now it is presidential election season, after all, but is a Earthserver, what could we expect to see from President Santorum once a deepsea oil well blows?

reports that Santorum said to a crowd in a steel town in Ohio today: and gentlemen, we need someone who understands, who comes from the coal fields, who comes from the steel mills, who understands what ordinary working people in American need to provide for themselves and their families. one on the left opposes working people in America being able to for themselves and their families the vast majority of us are working people, too but continuing to burn coal and other fossil fuels aside from the fact that the majority of the profits from burning fossil fuels go to the plutocrats who comprise the Repugnican Tea Party and with whom the members of the Repugnican Tea Party love to cuddle, not to working people might be good for the relatively shortterm employment of a minority of Americans, but it bad fucking news for the longterm survival of all Americans and all human beings.

Leadership is about responsibility, ab0ut encouraging your flock to do the right thing, not the easiest thing for right now. Wisdom and wise leadership are about viewing the long term, not the short term at the expense of the long term.

Prick Sa handbags designer ntorum policy of fucking over current and future generations for continued environmentally disastrous profiteering demonstrates that he not only isn fit to sit inside the Oval Office, but that he is no Christian. You know, I just can see Jesus Christ fucking over others for his own selfish, personal, political and monetary gain.

And willfully screwing over current and future generations for a profit or for political or other personal gain isn just bad policy. In my book, i handbags designer t treason it putting one own selfish interests above the best interests of the masses.

It predictable that over the coming weeks Prick Santorum rhetoric is only going to become even more extreme. He a huge fucking hypocrite as well as possibly the most stupid man who walks the planet. And he is, in my book and I don throw this label around lightly evil.

, since he wants the votes of Ohioans, because his getting the presidency is far more important than is anything else, even the continued ability of the planet to sustain human life itself: refer to global warming as not climate science, but political science. Prick Santorum is a scientist? He is qualified to speak on the topic of climat handbags designer ology?

No, Prick Santorum is not a scientist, but is a politician who gladly will sell out us Americans in order to satiate his lust for the most politically powerful position on the planet. If he were backed by the fast food industry instead of by the fossil fuels industry, he would declare that studies that show the harmful effects of junk food are just science. Just science. Ha ha!

Because Prick Santorum cares only about Prick Santorum. He doesn give a flying fuck about you or your children or your children children. Constitution with the decrees of the Vatican, such as its DarkAges opposition to birth control. Because the never engage in the ugly practice of politics!

And it politics for us progressives to fight for environmental preservation, but it not politics to take money from the fossil fuels industry in exchange for making such pronouncements as that global warming is science. Barack is a bit to the left of W on certain issues, and a bit to the right of him on others, but youd never know that if you took the overthetop hyperbole from the likes of Rick Santorum at face value. One thing for certain; Barack Obama is a corporatist of the first water and has done nothing to promote environmentalism, of the radical variety or otherwise. What kind of debate is it, Robert, what kind of natio0nal discourse do we have, when an obviously corporatist president like Barack is portrayed as a socialist and a treehugger by the opposing party and THE IDIOT ELECTORATE BUYS THE LIE? This entire process, this entire charade of socalled democracy, is an insult to anyone who gives a fuck about our country. Santorum is a whore for the fossil fuel industry; Romney is a whore for the fosiil fuel industry; Obama is a whore for the fossil fuel industry; so where does that leave us? Clean coal my fucking ass, but it doesnt matter, Gods gwyna rapture us all up in the End Times!

Indeed, Obama will pay lip service to environmentalism now and then, and even will do something like delay the Keystone Pipeline I emphasize delay, since he usually gives Big Oil whatever Big Oil wants, but overall with Obama its been business as usual, with the 1 percent continuing to increasing their fortunes based upon the burning of fossil fuels, which is threatening all of us.

Its a great gig if you can get it: Take the planets natural resources, which belong to no one, and sell them as though they were your own, and become filthy richer and harm your buyers in the process through pollution and global warming. With complete impunity.

Yes, indeed, as I noted yesterday, any Armageddon that might happen is an Armageddon that humankind caused itself.

Well, I for one, am not voting for Obama in November 2012, and I have not and will not give him a fucking penny toward his reelection campaign. I plan to vote for the Green Party candidate in November 2012.

Sadly, were all in this together, and the dipshits seem hellbent on taking all of us out right along with them. And its not just innocent human beings, but quite innocent plant and animal species that have been destroyed because of human stupidity, shortsightedness, greed and laziness. handbags designer