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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

discount shoes sales discount shoes sales DUTCHS ANTIQUES IN LEBANON SCAMS PEOPLE ON POTPOURRI

lets vote wrote:

how bout we do an office style pool to discount shoes sales see when Ryans new bride is going leave him AGAIN to go have fun with some other dudes and come c discount shoes sales rying home after she has been torn up.

Ha ha ha. Nice try. I dont hide behind goofy Internet names. So you want to personally attack what you dont know. So Im an ass hole. So I say inappropriate things. I showed her your comment and we had a good laugh at some one trying to to play the same game I do and failing. If you want to get to me you have to do better than making shit up. So I hope you get cancer of the eyes and your significant other gives you herpes that they contracted from your dad. So have a nice day and use your real name if you are going to mouth me. Or just keep being a scared lil douche.

I have been going to this store for some time and the people that are writing this shit are in with this new store Luckys. I have never had a problem with this place, I have my own scales and never been short on anythin discount shoes sales g. If you people want to promote Luckys you should do it somewhere else and if the new crap store is so great they shouldnt have people on here trying to talk crap about a place that has a great reputation in Lebanon, I have sent a lot of business to Dutchs and I have heard nothing, but good interactions. Now quit being chicken shit and tell your true motives behind your comments. Lets see the comments in 6 months or so when Luckys is out of business. Oh yah one more thing Dutchs also makes sure you leave with free samples. Thank you for the great service I have received and I am sure to continue receiving.. discount shoes sales