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Published: Monday 05 August, 2013

discount shoes discount shoes DARPA and their 6 MILLION Budget for

Pentagon Ignores The Warnings Of Splice And Jurassic ParkI was prepared for a robot revolution. Now, I fear a different kind of manmade monster one more akin to the chimera seen in The Island of Dr. Moreau and this years Sundance flick Splice. Why? discount shoes The Pentagon plans to breed an army of synthetic organisms that can live forever. In its 2011 budget, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has allocated $6 million for BioDesign, a project to create artificial life. The unclassified document doesnt say how the new life forms will be used, but Im guessing they wont be making biofuels or absorbing greenhouse gases. More likely theyre aiming for Moreaus ungodly b discount discount shoes shoes rand of divine human. Heres what we know: The agency wants to develop a robust understanding of the collective mechanisms that contribute to cell death so as to enable a new generation of regenerative cells that could ultimately be programmed to live indefinitely. Whether theyre making a six million dollar man or a microbe, it sounds like one bad super soldier. The labmonsters will be made by inserting alien DNA into another organisms genome. discount shoes