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Published: Sunday 15 September, 2013

discount purses discount purses annoyed that my child

Where had I gone wrong? My carnivorebased meals are alw discount purses ays home cooked and delicious. I can do mince 10 different ways and a chicken wouldnt know what might happen to itself in my kitchen. Little gambolling lambs dont last past lunchtime and moocows are only good for one thing: a hearty casserole or garlicky marinated steak.

Nothing in the childs upbringing propelled her towards this kind of a notion. Or me, either. Im sticking it firmly under the heading of Phase, like the tantrums when she was two, and the pink hair that was a latter rebellion, while carefully examining the wardrobe for signs of gothlike clothing.

She announced it with the skill of a government spin doctor. We were on holidays, sitting in the sun, probably with a f discount purses ew on board. Relaxed as you like. She outed herself there and then. It was to include fish for the moment; otherwise, nothing that had to be murdered for tea, thanks.

It was all very calm and thought out. Shed done the research, asked friends and got hold of recipes. We were to be supportive. Right, well, of course. I mean, the last thing youd want is to forbid it, lest the fish disappeared too.

But now, weeks in, the practicalities are beginning to annoy me. There are the separate meals for one. She says not to bother, shell get something f discount purses or herself, but you cant possibly trust it wont be a packet of crisps and a Mars Bar, can you? I had already become used to doing oddball options for the pernickety youngest no sauces, nothing touching, nothing green.

I have developed a worrying protein obsession: is she getting enough? How will we know? Im stuffing cheese into her, and beans. Trying to get her to eat an omelette for breakfast. Shes, er, cool, thanks. Shell just have whatever vegetables I have with what we call dinner. Dinner is the meat, you understand. Veg is the accompaniment. You cant just have a backing singer without Beyonce, can you? A guitar without the band? So, I worry.

And have you seen the price of fish? I mean, we normally buy SOME every week, but this is ridiculous. Im glad shell eat it, but its costing a bomb. She tells me horror stories of people who are vegans and the eating list is shorter than your little finger. So, fish is good, but expensive. Mind you, were all eating a bit more of it, so thats something I suppose.

And we are finding new ways to do veg. Were roasting, sauteing, baking, steaming. Were finding that vegetable lasagne is very tasty actually and that a nice frittata is nothing to sneeze at. Were inadvertently helping the ozone did you know cows farts cause 51pc of greenhouse gases?.

Still, its wearing, but I trust her decision. And, despite it all, I find myself with an unexpected feeling: pride. That moment when your kids make choices entirely independently, outside of your direction, and stick to them. Maybe shell make us all a little bit healthier, and kinder, with her decision.. discount purses