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Published: Thursday 05 September, 2013

designer leather handbags designer leather handbags a cyclic occurance something that happens every 10 000

AbbyGuy I agree that the media and political treatment of AGW is often ridiculous on both sides of the issue. But no one is funding research on The earth is flat or Demons cause disease either. The basic science of AGW is quite simple:

1 CO2 IS a greenhouse gas. It is the primary rea designer leather handbags son that Venus is 900 F at its surface.

2 By consuming fossil fuels, we are pumping unprecedented amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at, climatologically speaking, an incredible rate.

3 The exact consequences of this CO2 buildup are not known, but basic physics see 1 say it will have a warming effect. Whether other climate feedback/forcing issues will keep this effect to the merely obnoxious rather than the catastrophic is unclear. But do

Hogwash! Th temp has only risen .7 of a degree in the past 100 years and that is part of he natural cycle. The biggest contributor of CO2 is the ocean, the temp rises first then the CO2 rises almost equaly. It the Sun that causes the temp to rise, man plays almost no part in it. Global Warming is the new Religion, disagree and you are scoffed at, shouted down, called something equal to a Holocaust denier, it ridiculo designer leather handbags us. Back in the 1970s they were predicting an ice age now it the opposite and climate change does not happen that fast, ice records show that.

What about the 19,000 scientists that signed a petition who disagree with said findings? Science is ot about popular opinion it is about facts and there are plenty on the neigh side of the equation, enough to throw serious dought on the whole politicaly driven situation. In fact there is as much money for funding cancer research as for the psuedo scientists and their papers on global warming. It is about funding, power and hot button topics, politicians and some scientists are masters a spinning it in their favor.

Abbyguy, you can argue with the sheeple, they just bury their heads in the sand and claim its all okay. They are what Lenin referred to as idiots So far as I am concerned the global warming, climate change, or whatever new cutesy term they come up with for it is only about control. Its a very old story with a new spin, control and destroy free enterprise and individualism. The only upside is the useful idiots will designer leather handbags have to suffer in the Orwellian hell they helped create along with the rest of us.

Can global warming be due to changes in the earth orbit? Study Links Extinction Cycles to Changes in Earth Orbit and Tilt Not man made global warming? NY Times ^ October 12, 2006 JOHN NOBLE WILFORDPosted on 10/12/2006 1:51:19

Is global warming really manmade or simply a natural fluctuation in temperature? After all cavemen didn create the ice age. We only been tracking weather for a little over 100 years or so.

April 08 was the coldest April in 117 years and May 08 is most likely going to be the same. Does this mean that all of our worries about man made global warming are over?

Is Global Warming one big hoax? The planet has been warming for the last 20,000 years.

Does any of you, who has seen the great global warming swindle documentary, still believe in manmade CO2caused global warming, and with what reasons/arguments? designer leather handbags