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Published: Wednesday 24 July, 2013

cheap isabel marant shoes cheap isabel marant shoes County wants to burn more garbage at Minneapolis incinerator

Photo: The HERC stacks are 215 feet tall. MPCA models show pollution disperses mostly to the north and south of the plant, with heaviest deposition between Broadway Street and Loring Park.

Photo: The wastetoenergy plant cheap isabel marant shoes handles about 1,000 tons of waste a day. That a little more than onethird of the trash generated in Hennepin County. There another garbage burner in Elk River, and the rest of the trash is landfilled.

Photo: In the Hennepin Energy Recovery Center HERC control room, technicians monitor plant operations, including pollution controls. The MPCA says the plant has only exceeded its limits twice.

Photo: The temperature in the burner reaches 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. HERC officials say burning garbage instead of coal to produce electricity helps reduce global warming, because the trash is part of the shortterm carbon cycle. But cheap isabel marant shoes critics say even fewer greenhouse gases are produced by recycling and composting.

Photo: The new Twins ballpark rubs shoulders with the wastetoenergy plant. The plant entrance is being moved to make sure odors don waft over the stadiu cheap isabel marant shoes m. cheap isabel marant shoes