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Published: Thursday 22 August, 2013

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This is a voicethread my group and I did on stem cells, benchmark 2. It really helped me learn because it helped me get a better idea of what stem cells really are. I thought this voicethread was going to be really hard to do but it actually wasnt and learning everything was easier than expected. I was able to demonstrate my knowledge on this voicethread and it makes me proud to know that I learned all the information on it. It was a very good idea for my group to do this voicthread in my opinion.

Tyler, who is new in biologywas sent by the government for six months to the Arcticto study wolves. Caribou is disappearing and it is said wolves are the cause of the disappearing of caribou.

Tyler has started his studies by observing the wolves and the environment they live in. He eventually found out by studying wolves poop, also known as scatology, Tyler hasassumedthat wolves have a basic diet on mice after finding only small bones. Tyler has noticed that even though he knows wolves are eating mainly mice, nobody will believe him if he doesn prove anything. He is basically trying to have adiet on mice in able to prove that if he was able to carry this diet on then wolves can too. As part of his studies, Tyler has noticed that there are plenty mice in the area he is living over to 4,000 per acre. One of the wolves, Angelie is able to eat up to 23 mice per hour.

Throughout Tyler studies, he noticed that wolves have a specific behavior that is not as harsh as he thinks. Wolves aren trying to threaten anybody, they just trying to protect their family from strangers. Tyler notices that wolves feed on mice, possibly not caribou. Tyler also notices that wolves are always mate, meaning loyal to their partner This means that if their partner dies, then they will not find another partner again. Tyler has noticed that wolves are pretty playful. In his studies, he also found out that wolves have nightly runs. Tyler has investigated and has found out that wolves are killing caribou but only one at a time. He has aslso noticed that the only caribou wolves are killing are the sick ones by studying the caribou bone marrow. Wolves are separating caribou in groups by the action of herding.

The environment up in the arctic tundra is very cold. After Tyler trip to investigate the caribou, he notices that caribou and some wolves live up in the tundra plains. Tyler has noticed that humans like him has lost plenty of their traits because of not being in touch with the environment. Wolves in contrary have dirct contact with the environment.

Sustainability is a capacity of conserving resources so that the future isn affected. In able for a way of living to be sustainable, resources have to be used in a way that they can be maintained for future use. In my point of view, my current life is not pretty sustainable. In a scale from 1 to 10 I would give myself a 1, 10 being totally sustainable and 0 being anywhere close to sustainable. As to me, when it comes to actually conserving resources, I not doing a good job. In able for my life to be sustainable, my ways of meeting my needs would have to be environmentally friendly. The carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide every person is putting to the air. In my case, I contributing a lot to global warming wh cheap coach purses ile I take planes, ride my car, etc. I not having a very sustainable life when cheap coach purses I waste water and go to the market and return with plenty plastic bags. I pretty much wasting resources over and over. Is my life sustainable? I have to say no to that. As I said before, in able to have a sustainable life, you have to use resources up to a limit so future generations can still conserve these resources.

In a scale from 1 to 10,I think my current life would be a 3 becauseI am puttingplenty greenhouse gases into the atmosphere everyday. My carbon footprint would probablybe high because I do many activitiesthat produce these gases. These activities include flying on a airplane, using my car almost all the t cheap coach purses ime, using a computer often,using many plastic bottles and bags, etc. These greenhouse gases all contribute to the greenhouse effect. Earth absorbs this radiation and releases heat. Sometimes, when heat radiation tries to leave Earth, it hits greenhouse gases in the way that thesereflect this radiation back into the Earth. This heat radiation would be trapped. Us, humans need a lot of resources that make us as a person. We need water, food, care, education, and plenty of other stuff. As well as if we need this stuff, we also release many others like carbon dioxide, bathroom wastes, water,etc.

As life goes on, Earth has gotten worst because us, humans don take care of it. From a scale from 1 to 10 I think 7 is about the average of all the damage we are making to our planet and 3 is the average of people who actuallydo things to take care of Earth. In my daily life I am harming Earth in many ways including the gas for the kitchen, plenty of water for bathing, drinking, laundry, etc., and all the natural resources we usefor furniture, restoring the house, and even decorating. The bad thing is that we are used to using all these resources to be able to live comfortably and stopping that would be very difficult. Though many people are harming Earth, some people are still helping. Some people as well as I help Earth by recycling. Even though this seems little, it actually helps. Iknow some people are trying to make Earth do better but I am concerned because I don actually believethe planet in its present conditions will be environmentally sustainableas some years pass because if we continue toharm Earth, even in small ways like throwingone piece of trash into the street, our world won be in good conditions for a long time. cheap coach purses