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Published: Monday 19 August, 2013

canada goose womens uk canada goose womens uk Dirty snow warms Arctic more than greenhouse gases

Filthy flakes can account for at least one third of the Arctic warming currently blamed on greenhouse gases, scientists at the Univer canada goose womens uk sity of California in Irvine, Calif., reported Wednesday in a study in the scientific publication Journal of Geophysical Research.

Soot from vehicles, smokestacks and forest fires enters the atmosphere and falls to the ground in the form of dirty snow, which is darker than snow canada goose womens uk devoid of soot particles, the scientists said. Dark surfaces absorb sunlight and therefore heat, while bright surfaces reflect it away. Dark soot can heat up quickly. Its like placing tiny toaster ovens into the snow pack.

Zender and his team found that dirty snow has warmed the planet as much as 0.15 C in the last 200 years, during which the overall temperature rise has been 0.8 degrees. The snow accounts for about 19 per cent of the increase, according to the researchers.

Over the same period, the Arctics temperature has increased by about 1.6 degrees, with dirty snow accounting for as much as 1.5 degrees or 94 per cent of the change, they said.

Meanwhile, greenhouse gases have increased by about onethird due to human activity over the last two centuries, the scientists s canada goose womens uk aid.

A onethird change in concentration is huge, yet the Earth has only warmed about 0.8 degrees because the effect is distributed globally, Zender said. A small amount of snow impurities in the Arctic have caused a significant temperature response there.

One way to help reduce the prevalence of dirty snow would be to switch to cleanerburning fuels to reduce the amount of soot in the atmosphere. That would have a much faster effect on reducing global warming than cutting greenhouse gases because carbon dioxide lingers in the atmosphere for a century, Zender said.

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