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Published: Monday 09 September, 2013

canada goose uk canada goose uk ´╗┐Different Strategies for Geoengineering We Are Scientists 4

Hi, I Lauren and I part of the blog are Scientists 4. My first topic for the project my class and I will be doing for 4 weeks on climate change is on geoengineering. I probably be doing other topics too but, we will start with this one. Geoengineering is new solution which has been suggested to fight climate change. This is to also help majorly with greenhouse gases and global warming. The basic standard of geoengineering is we must counter climate change not reduce it. To counter climate change canada goose uk scientists are coming up with different and as you may think crazy methods.

One method of geoengineering is using some form of an aircraft to disperse sulfur into the atmosphere. The purpose of this is to cool the world. This would occur when the sulphur reflects a small part of the sun rays. Other methods and options is to build large scale solar mirrors to reflect the sun rays, and also putting a large amount o canada goose uk f these mirrors to orbit in space. In addition to this idea is building some solar reflectors in the sea too. More methods include reducing water vapour in the atmosphere, increase carbon dioxide intake by the oceans and by soil and even using artificial trees to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Even creating artificial clouds and huge blooms of algae in the ocean is being considered.

These strategies haven been sprung into action yet but, in order to decrease climate change geoengineering may help. Some methods may sound strange but, may work. Scientists and everyday people are trying to fix the problem of climate change and who knows maybe one of these ideas wi canada goose uk ll work.

I really like the idea of geoengineering, and I like how people are actually stepping up and trying to help the planet. You did a great job on this topic, you have a lot of facts, and it shows that you did a lot of research. I knew nothing about this topic but now you have me thinking all about it. Hopefully these ideas, like the solar mirrors and putting sulfur into the atmosphere will work and help the planet! You did a great job! I hope to read a lot more about this topic. Keep up the good work. canada goose uk

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