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Published: Thursday 29 August, 2013

canada goose coats wiki canada goose coats wiki Double whammy hit dinosaurs

Previously the giant asteroid was thought to have caused the mass extinction 65 million years ago, with its impact leading to a dramatic change in the global climate that dinosaurs were unable to survive.

A new study suggests a more complex catastrophe, instigated by a huge series of eruptions.

The Deccan Traps in Maharashtra, India, are one of the Earths largest flows of volcanic lava more than a kilometre deep and covering about 322,000sq km.

Scientists say the Traps were erupting when the asteroid crashed into Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula. T canada goose coats wiki he signature of that collision iridium deposits found buried in 65 millionyearold sediments worldwide are also found wit canada goose coats wiki hin the lava cores of the Deccan Traps.
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Volcanologists have long thought that the eruption, which has been dated to about 65 million years ago, could have spelled disaster for the dinosaurs by releasing vast amounts of dust, sulphur and greenhouse gases into the air.

But the Deccan Traps were thought to have resulted from a series of eruptions over perhaps a million years, which would have given the climate time to adjust. canada goose coats wiki