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Published: Monday 12 August, 2013

buy online shoes buy online shoes Did you know that another name for water is dihydrogen monoxide

1 The government is tota buy online shoes lly ignoring the emissions of other greenhouse gases while corralling the media to concentrate on CO2. A prime example is dihydrogenmonoxide which is unanimously recognized by meteorologists as the most prevalent and important of all greenhouse gases it is also a major component in acid rain. It has an estimated LD50 of 25,000mg/kg.

Not only is the federal government ignoring the many plants that produce dihydrogenmonoxide, our federal government actively subsidizes it production and distribution. Massive amounts are emitted as a greenhouse gas by agriculture and industrial cleaning operations directly to the atmosphere without any regulation what so ever. This obvious corporate sweetheart deal to ignore these emissions, is nothing short of a conspiracy.

While an outright ban on dihydrogenmonoxide may not be politically feasible at this time, we can hope for it as a long term goal. In the buy online shoes mean time, there is no reason that we shouldn be having UN talks to limit its use. The usual exaggerated claims as to what such a ban or reduction might do to our economy should be balanced with the knowledge that we don know what will happen if we don act now. Therefore, we should act now to keep ourselves free of this chemical and dominant source of greenhouse gas just to be on the safe side.

Source and further information:2 Researchers found that the presence of dihydrogen monoxide in Aliso Viejo had reached startling levels: it was present in its crude form, often spilling unmonitored on to the city streets; it was found to be a crucial ingredient in many common chemical compounds; its presence was even detected in that most ubiquitous of civilised artifacts, the styrofoam cup.

And it got worse: dihydrogen monoxide is lethal if inhaled, causes severe burns in its gaseous state, and is the major component in acid rain. Prolonged exposure to solid dihydrogen monoxide can cause severe tissue damage. It can, said the city council report, threaten human safety and health.

Source and further information:3 4 Dihydrogen monoxide shor buy online shoes tened to DHMO is a scientific name for water that is relatively unknown to most of the public, used in hoaxes that illustrate how the lack of scientific knowledge and an exaggerated analysis can lead to misplaced fears. Di meaning two, and Mono meaning single, describes how water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom H2O.

The hoax involves listing strictly negative effects of water, such as erosion or drowning, attributing them to dihydrogen monoxide, and then asking individuals to help control the seemingly dangerous substance.

It was apparently created by Eric Lechner, Lars Norpchen and Matthew Kaufman, housemates while attending UC Santa Cruz in 1989, revised by Craig Jackson in 1994, and brought to widespread public attention in 1997 when Nathan Zohner, a 14yearold student, gathered petitions to ban DHMO as the basis of his science project, titled How Gullible Are We? buy online shoes