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Published: Wednesday 31 July, 2013

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Dont Miss:Readers Choice 2013June happeningsmySpy: Texas ComiconDream Home: Beauty exudes old world charm90s Pop StarsComics GamesWASHINGTON A controversial email message buried by the Bush administration because of its conclusions on global warming surfaced Tuesday, nearly two years after it was sent to the White House and never opened.

The email and the 28page document attached to it, released Tuesday by the Environmental Protection Agency, show that back in December of 2007 the agency concluded that six gases linked to global warming pose dangers to public welfare and wanted to act to regulate their release from automobiles and the burning of gasoline.

The document specifically cites global warmings effects on air quality, agriculture, forestry, water resources and coastal areas as endangering public welfare. Supreme Court in 2007.

As a result, the Dec. 5 email sent by the agency to , who headed the regulatory division at the , was never opened, according to , the former EPA official that wrote it.

The Bush administration, and then EPA administrator , also refused balenciaga cross body bag to release the document, which is labeled deliberative, do not distribute, to Democratic lawmakers. The White House instead allowed three senators to review it in July 2008, when excerpts were released.

The Obama administration in April made a similar determination, but also concluded that greenhouse gases endanger public health. The EPA is drafting the first greenhouse gas standards for automobiles and recently signaled it would attempt to reduce climatealtering pollution from refiner balenciaga cross body bag ies, factories and other large industrial sources.

In response, the and Republican lawmakers have criticized the EPAs reasoning and called for a more thorough vetting of the science. An internal review by a dozen federal agencies released in May also raised questions about the EPAs conclusion, saying the agency could have been more balanced and raising questions about the difficulty balenciaga cross body bag in linking global warming to health effects. balenciaga cross body bag