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Published: Wednesday 28 August, 2013

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Issued by a group called the Union of Concerned Scientists, the report targets a total of 59 gigawatts of electric power generating capability across the country, representing more than 6 percent of the total amount of electricity used by American citizens and businesses. The plants in question, each wellaged and operating past their 30 year lifespan, generate the bulk of the nations pollutants and greenhouse gases; with the costs of keeping them up to official standards taken into account, the report suggests that none are worth maintaining in the long run. Read More: The Death of American Coal Producers and a Potential Life bags sale line

The report comes on the heels of Barack Obamas reelection, a sure sign in and of itself that regulations on coalfired plants will only become more stringent given the presidents stance on environmental policy. Shares of major American coal producers such as Arch Coal Inc. and Peabody Energy Corp. have dro bags sale pped sharply following the counting of votes last week, leading some industry lobbyists to complain of a perceived war on coal by the Obama administration. bags sale