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Published: Wednesday 04 September, 2013

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Theres nothing ethical about Canadas ethical oil.

A 2009 Industry Canada report found that 54 per cent of Canadas loss of bags online cheap hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs since 2002 is due to the oil sands boom replacing good, stable employment with shortterm construction work in the tar sands and lowwage service sector jobs elsewhere in the economy.

Canada has lost onethird of its postwar gains in valueadded manufactured exports since 1999/2000, Canadian Auto Workers senior economist Jim Stanford told the Institute for Competiveness and Productivity in 2008.

The tar sands destroy more jobs than they create, says University of Alberta political economist Gordon Laxer. They account for about 40 per cent of the increase in the value of the Canadian dollar.

Ethical oil is the brainchild of Ezra Levant. The Conservative political activist is soon to be the prime time talk show host on Sun TV and presumably, Canadas answer to Fox News Glenn Beck. He recently published Ethical Oil: The Case for Canadas Oil Sands. to tar sands oil. Levants book immediately became the talk of Ottawa and the theme of new Environment Minister Peter Kents first media interview: There has been a demonizing of a legitimate resource, Kent told the Calgary Herald on Jan. 5, the da bags online cheap y after he was sworn in. Its ethical oil, it is regulated oil, and its secure oil in a world where many of the free worlds oil sources are somewhat less secure.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper echoed him a day later in Welland, Ont. Whats ethical about tar sands oil that produces three times the greenhouse gases as conventional oil? he asks. Whats ethical about using three barrels of water for every barrel of tar sands oil? Whats ethical about devouring two tonnes of earth for every barrel of tar sands oil?

Whats ethical about producing all these greenhouse gases and Canada and Alberta having no plans to lower them? Were risking human life, other life, the biosphere and what are we doing it for? To fuel what George W. Bush says is Americas addiction to oil. Meanwhile, Canada is importing more than 50 per cent of the oil it uses from offshore, presumably unethical sources.

He argues there is simply no way to green the tar sands. He wants Canada and Alberta to cap tar sands production and phase them out. We have enough conventional oil to live on it as it slowly declines for the next 20 years, time to institute a plan to get off fossil fuels.

He points out that Sweden, a sparsely populated northern country like Canada, uses just half as much oil per capita as Canada. Britain uses 40 per cent. If they can do it, so can Canada.

All this points to a basic flaw in the tar sands ethical oil argument: Canadians are being asked to be unethical so Americans can be ethical?

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The ethical oil strategy tells environmentalists that the file is being run directly from the PMO.

Corrupt government and human rights violations are unethical. But equally unethical, particularly for a firstworld country like Canada, is to abandon good jobs for Canadians and its international obligations to conserve land, water, air and atrisk species. bags online cheap