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Published: Wednesday 04 September, 2013

uk shop clothes uk shop clothes Edward Snowden Seeking Asylum in Ecuador After No Show on Flight to Cuba

This morning NSA leaker Edward Snowden was eagerly awaited on a plane from Moscow to Cuba, but his seat was never occupied and his whereabouts are currently unknown according to the Guardian. Its believed he is still in Russia, according to White House spokesman Jay Carney.

Wikileaks claim to be helping Snowden gain asylum in Ecuador, at his request. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told reporters that he knows where Snowden is and said that the NSA whistleblower is currently safe and healthy. Ecuador has confirmed receiving the asylum request.

Snowden is under fire from the White House for taking refuge in countries with poor records on press freedom. Mr. Snowdens claim that he is focused on supporting transparency, freedom of the press and protection of individual rights and democracy is belied by the protectors he has potentially chosen: China, Russia, Ecuador, said White House spokesman Jay Carney, according to the NYTimes.

Hong Kong is also under White House fire for allowing Snowden to leave instead of deporting him to the US to face charges of espionage.

Carney told reporters that Hong Kongs decision unquestionably has a negative impact on USChina relations and expressed hope that Russia would notify the US of Snowdens plans. Carney also implied that China has accessed any information that Snowden carried with him, stating that it was safe to assume that the information was compromised.

Via the Guardian and the New York Times. If he was really torn by his conscious because of wrongdoing on the part of his employer, then the world should know.

If he is merely an analyist that was a counterspy, then they better catch him quick, as he has visited some questionable places since he defected.

I actually tuned into the mainstream media the last couple weeks off and on, just to see how they would report this whole scandal, and not surprisingly, they are doing exactly that, trying their hardest to convince the public that Snowden is a bad guy. They even play villainous sounding music when they show pictures of him, along with other subliminal techniques to try to persuade the public. Very suspicious and the whole thing stinks.

I wonder if people will ever learn the truth about it all. Probably not.

Let me translate all this nonsense for those of you who dont goosestep to the neo communist left line. 1. Carney is bitching for the administration that Snowden took refuge somewhere they dont just give up everyone the USA demands on the spot without just cause. And the USA has NO cause to be spying on our emails and cell phones. 2. If there was a GOP president the left would have Snowden made a saint. Whatever the far left says on here, just know that if Bush was president still those same far left would be canonizing the guy already. 3 Just how stupid do you think Snowden and Anonymous/Wikileaks are? You expect them to just waltz into the airport and do a photo op for the paparazzi, one of whom just might be CIA with a camera gun. Get real people. Snowden has no specific intel to give. He has general knowledge that the USA is pissed got out. The Dems are supporting Obama just like the right supported Bush. Im kinda leaning in Snowdens favor here.

I wouldnt be so quick to put clear party lines on this issue. From the reading and researching Ive done, it seems that liberals and conservatives are fairly split on both sides of this issue. And its made some very unlikely bedfellows in the way of very conservative and very liberal politicians. Im as left as they come, and Ive been a defender of Snowdens from the start. Although, Im on the fencerow at the moment since Im just learning more about his decision to leak information about our surveillance of other countries, like China, and the manner in which he obtained his job. It kind of seems like he went for the job just to get some classified info to leak, uk shop clothes and if he was only about protecting American citizens rights, why did he have to leak information about our surveillance of our enemies? That doesnt help American citizens at all. Im still debating it myself, even though Im glad we found out more about domestic surveillance. If you support the disclosure of govt spying on their citizens then you have to know there were only so many places he had a chance to go and survive blowing the whistle. He has nothing China or Russia needs. That they dont already have. If he did someone from the contractor would ha uk shop clothes ve been arrested already for allowing a dork with no history or longevity this kind of information. Of course the Chinese are playing it up that he does but he doesnt . This is verbal/psychological warfare, nothing more. There is no proof whatsoever that he has given, sold or even knew anything of value to the Chinese. This all propaganda by our govt. If they let this guy get away with this then others are going to step up. Theyre gonna try and get this guy in prison for life or kill him to scare every other potential whistle blower to stuff it. All it amounts to man. I think it rapes the fourth amendment and civil liberties. And Ive been against the whole mess since that horrible Patriot Act. So I do think more good has come of this than bad. Of course, this is just me blabbing with limited knowledge of the whole affair, since most of the information around it is classified, but what else can they expect us to think, given what we know? Of course were going to be on the side of our own privacy. Most people, anyway.

What is strange is how many Democrats, who were against the Patriot Act and all this spying under Bush, are now cheering for it, and saying its a good thing and how Snowden is a traitor. Gullible, gullible people.

What is also strange is how many Republicans are saying all this spying is good in order to protect us from terrorists and maintain our freedoms, yet we are giving up our freedoms in the name of security. Gullible, gullible people.

Who wins? The tech companies who make all the Get Smart gadgets and sell them to the agencies who use them. Corpora uk shop clothes te America wins and the global elitists further their stranglehold on the World.

So far it seems the only secret hes telling is the notsosecret news that our government spies on us regularly.

Espionage is like sex: everyone does it but few admit it or want to talk about it.

I dont get why so many are getting their boxers bunched up over this, mostly trying to make it a partisan issue. It isnt, so get over it. The left does it, the right does it, and everyone in between.

I was thinking of him differently when he was merely a whistle blower, but by supplying information to hostile enemy countries about what the intelligence community does he has changed my mind. The irony of it all is that Snowden is hoping to receive help from Cuba, which has a Defense Committee on every block. Before you leave your block, you have to check with your defense committee, let them examine any package you may be taking with you, tell them where you are going, how long youll be there, and when youll return. You also have to get a pass from them before you leave the City/Province. Defense Committees are also charged with making the rounds to make sure no one is listening to the Voice of America, Radio Marti, etc., plotting revolution, etc. And these are the folks Snowden is hoping will assist him? Hes jumping out of the pan into the frying pan, lol. uk shop clothes