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Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013

sale on michael kors bags sale on michael kors bags Effect of a lowered water table on nitrous oxide fluxes from northern peatlands

Previous Nature 366, 51 53Effect of a lowered water table on nitrous oxide fluxes from northern peatlandsDepartment of Environmental Microbiology, National Public Health Institute, PO Box 95, FIN70701 Kuopio, FinlandComplex Systems Research Center, EOS, University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire 038243525, USADepartment of Biology, University of Joensuu, PO Box 111, FIN80101 Joensuu, FinlandNORTHERN peatlands contain 20 of the total organic nitrogen and carbon in the worlds soils1,2, and thus they apparently have the potential to exert a significant influen sale on michael kors bags ce on the global atmospheric budget of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide N2O. In the drier, warmer summer conditions predicted at high latitudes by some climate models3,4 as a result of greenhousegas forcing, northern peatlands would become drier, increasing the rate of mineralization of organic m sale on michael kors bags atter1,5 and of the microbial processes that produce N2O. These reg sale on michael kors bags ions might therefore be expected to exert a strong feedback on climate. But whereas methane emissions have been well studied6,7, little is known about the effect on N2O fluxes of changes in the level of peatland water tables. Here we present a comparison of presentday N2O fluxes from virgin peatlands in Finland with those from sites in the same regions that were drained by ditching 30 and 50 years ago. The lowered water table had no effect on N2O emissions from nutrientpoor peat but enhanced those from nutrientrich peat. We estimate that equivalent drying caused by climate change would increase the total emissions of N2O from northern peatlands by 0.03 teragrams of nitrogen per year, which is just 0.3 of the present global annual emissions. Thus northern peatlands are unlikely to exert a significant climate feedback from N2O emissions. sale on michael kors bags