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Published: Sunday 11 August, 2013

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In Connecticut, the debate is how the state can increase its use of natural gas. In New York, the debate is whether it should be taken out of the ground to begin with.
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Gas supporters say natural gas supplies the country with a plentiful source of domestically produced, relatively clean fuel that creates jobs and cuts costs for consumers and businesses.

To get natural gas out of the huge geological formation under Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York called the Marcellus Shale, companies use a practice called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

In this technique first used in the 1940s companies pump huge volumes of water into a shale formation. That fractures the shale, opening up fissures from which gas and oil can flow.

But the process can require millions of gallons of water for each well. Chemicals are added to the water to improve the operation.

The pollution caused by the wastewater is just one of the reasons to oppose fracking, said , an attorney with Riverkeeper, an environmental advocacy group.

It means thousands of trucks on state roads, she said. The additional upkeep for those roads could cost New York as much as $375 million a year, she said.

There is a temporary ban on fracking in New York while the administration of Gov. completes en sale hand bags vironmental regulations that might allow it.

, a natural gas policy expert with the , said the council acknowledges natural gas will play a part in the nations energy future. But natural gas, she said, is no cureall.

While its cleaner than burning oil or coal, Mall said, natural gas is still a petroleumbased fuel that adds to the nations greenhouse gases.

We could switch everything to natural gas and still not meet our goals on greenhouse gas emissions, she said.

Instead of concentrating on natural gas, she said, the United States should work much harder on developing cleaner alternative sources of energy.

People talk about natural gas being the bridge to a cleaner energy future, she said. This sets up the image of coal on one side of the river, alternative energy on the other and natural gas as the only fuel for the bridge. But there are lots of things we should be developing.. sale hand bags