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Published: Friday 02 August, 2013

relogio michael kors relogio michael kors ´╗┐Americans Should be Thankful for Edward Snowden

Once bambam got a taste of the power. theres NO WAY hes about to give it up. irrespective of what the parrots say.The Patriot Act, passed shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, granted law enforcement increased surveillance powers to prevent additional terrorist incidents. Since its conception, the Patriot Act has been mired in controversy. Civil rights advocates argue that the law is a violation of Americans privacy rights. Key members of Congress, including both liberal Democrats and Tea Party Republicans, have attempted to amend the Patriot Act in order to protect Americans from potential privacy rights violations.

This yearlong extension came up for renewal again in early 2011. Patrick Leahy, DVt., and Sen. Rand Paul, RKy., sponsored an amendment that would have increased congressional oversight of these renewed provisions. Yet the LeahyPaul Amendment was never brought to a full vote.

Having something to hide isnt the issue. Having a government that is allowed to track our calls, read our private texts and emails, listen to our conversations, all without warrant proving probable cause relogio michael kors , is simply wrong. Toilets in public restrooms are surrounded by privacy stalls for good reason: because we like personal privacy. The constitution tells us we have the right to expect that privacy to be held inviolate. It isnt, and thats wrong.

But these types of analogies are not relevant since the laws for govt intrusion of privacy are different ie., more restrictive than those for private citizens. The govt would have to have a warrant to monitor my dogwalking on the street unless they have reasonable suspicion that I am about to commit a crime. And if they obtain my dogwalking habits without a warrant, they cannot use any relogio michael kors of the info against me in a court of law. You, as a private citizen, can send a report of my dogwalking habits to law enforcement and it can be used against me, but the govt cannot. relogio michael kors