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Published: Thursday 15 August, 2013

online clothes shop online clothes shop Ecuador official appears sympathetic to Edward Snowden

QUITO, Ecuador A top government official said Monday that Ecuador is still considering Edward Snowden request for political asylum, appearing to take a sympathetic stance while criticizing the United States and those who portray the leaker as a traitor. government surveillance of messages and telephone calls could shed light on largescale violations of human rights and privacy laws. For his actions, Snowden could online clothes shop face espionage charges in the United States, Patino noted.

one has to ask who has betrayed whom? You have to ask, what is the concept of betrayal here? Patino said, adding: w online clothes shop ill act on the basis of princ online clothes shop iples of human rights written in our constitution, not on whatever interests of others.

Patino also described in some detail the letter that Snowden had written to President Rafael Correa requesting asylum, in which the contractor said he feared he would be executed or given a life prison term if he is returned to the United States.

Ecuador we don consider anyone as illegal for their migratory situation, Patino said, a reference to the country liberal border policy, by which citizens of most countries can enter Ecuador without a visa. online clothes shop