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Published: Tuesday 27 August, 2013

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I have been studying the Mayan and Aztec calendars since college, as a side project, because I find the whole subject fascinating. Ive written 3 books on it, published one, about to publish another.

A few years ago people started talking about the 2012 thing. I kept hearing about it and therefore read a lot of the published books on it and Im still totally confused why people believe it is ending.

First off, there are several Mayan calendars. The one that supposedly ends is the Long Count. Which the Aztecs did not use, but people will tell you the Aztec calendar ends in 2012.

The Long Count is exactly like an odometer. It counts every day since 3113 BCE. Right now it has 5 places, and the first place, the Baktuns, is at 12. Most of the places run from 0 to 19 for an effective count of 20, except for one that goes 017. When the Baktuns now at 12, get to 19, they will in fact return to zero, but another column will be added, called a Pictun, so even then it doesnt end.

On 12212012, the Long Count shifts from Baktun 12 to Baktun 13. Since Ive already explained the Baktuns name brand purses run 019, you can see that quite obviously 13 is a long way from 19. 2376 years, actually, since each Baktun is 396 years long.

I have on my web site a 150+ year correlation between the Gregorian our calendar and the Mayan and Aztec calendars. It goes from 1904 to around 2054. How could I have done that if the calendar ends?

So the Mayan calendar is not ending. Therefore, any predictions based on it ending arent true.

One other annoying false facts that are out there: that the world ends on 11:11 that day. 11:11 GMT happens to be the exact time of the winter solstice. There is a solstice twice a year. A lot of people also seem to think that the idea of a solstice is scary and evil b name brand purses ecause they are uneducated in scienceotherwise they would know its a natural phenomena caused by the earths orbit. He thinks the Mayan creators of the Long Count aimed the start of Baktun 13 to that name brand purses galactic alignment.

Due to precession of the equinoxes an apparent shift of the sky cause by the wobble in the earths rotation, the stars seem to shift very slowly in the skyabout 1 degree every 70 years, with a full rotational wobble taking about 26,000 years. Precession is causing the Milky Way to drop lower in the sky each year. In 2012 it will be on the horizon. The sun appear to move back and forth along the horizon which causes the equinoxes and solstices during the year, and on the winter solstice will appear to come up through the Milky Way.

HOWEVER, due to the slowness of precession, 5 years is nothing, and it can be argued we are already in that alignment now and energetic changes are already occurring. It seems to be an exclusively New Age belief, not an anthropological one based on solid research.

My daily Mayan calendar blog: on Blogger on Myspace. My shamanic musing blog on Blogger. My website.

Todays date in the Mayan calendar: 11 Mol 4 Akbal.

In the year 2012, I believe we will definately be a greener society. I believe that there will be more hybrid vehicles that are conveniently priced so that even a high school student could buy one with their part time job. I think that the greenhouse gases will be significantly less. I believe that our government will reward even a persons smallest efforts to save the planet by lowering prices on things such as energy efficient appliances to our trash and recycling costs. In 2012 the world is going to be a cleaner place for our children, animals, and the air we all need to breathe.

2012s biggest claim to fame besides its presidential election, which is much too early to talk about is the end of the Mayan calendar at the winter solstice. The Mayans chose that date because the sun was going to be in a particularly interesting configuration with the galactic equator.

Unfortunately, while the Mayans were excellent astronomers, they werent that good, and the actual closest approach of the sun to the galactic equator was actually in 1997. Nothing much happened then, and you wouldnt expect it to: the gravity of the rest of the galaxy is too weak, and the angles too small, to make any noticeable difference.

The Solar poles will flip around the solar maximum, but thats nothing new. They do that every 11 years. It messes with satellites in orbit and makes for some pretty auroras, but not much else. name brand purses