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Published: Monday 05 August, 2013

michael kors wallets on sale michael kors wallets on sale A NAFTA for carbon trading

David Cleary thinks so. In a post on the Nature Conservancys blog, the organizations director of conservation strate michael kors wallets on sale gies in South America argues for a Free CarbonTrading Area of the Americas, which would allow US companies to gain credits for carbon offsets purchased in Latin America. Doing so, writes Mr. Cleary, would allow firms in the United States to finance worthy projects say, protecting Amazon rain forests and would help poor people in Latin America restore their natural environment.

Cleary proposes that a federal capandtrade system for greenhouse gases such as the kind that President Obama has put forward as the centerpiece of his global warming policy be extended to include the whole Western Hemisphere:

North of the border, there are thousands of companies positioning themselves for the capandtrade system they know is coming. South of the border, there are millions of hectares of threatened grasslands and tropical forests, and millions of people farmers, indigenous peoples, communities of every kind living in and around degraded ecosystems theyd love to be restoring. capandtrade system for carbon emissions. companies to gain carbon credit for offsets in Latin America? After all, if the Amazon goes, the climate shifts will hit the United States almost as hard as Brazil, Peru and the other Amazonian countries. Things that drive climate like atmospheric convection and surface temperatures dont exactly respect political frontiers.

Under Clearys proposal, most of the revenue from a US capandtrade plan would go to US taxpayers. The White House estimates that capandtrade would raise $646 billion from 2012 to 2019, a prediction that some analysts say is actually on the low side.

A portion of this money Cleary doesnt get into exactly how much could be channeled to fund projects in Latin America, in particular ones that protect the regions tropical forests, which limit global wa michael kors wallets on sale rming by trapping michael kors wallets on sale carbon dioxide.

Cleary makes an appeal to laissezfaire economics using rhetoric uncommon among environmentalists:

The whole history of free trade in the Americas is built on the idea that the free flow of goods and services is in everyones interest. capandtrade system would be a great place to start. emphasis in originalSending even a portion of that projected $646 billion in capandtrade revenue abroad could be a hard sell to an economically distressed American public. But businesses could latch on to the plan because its almost always cheaper to fund a carbon offset project in the developing world than within US borders. michael kors wallets on sale