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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

michael kors outlet online store usa michael kors outlet online store usa ´╗┐Environmental group says poll shows voters want climate change law

Dont Miss:Readers Choice 2013June happeningsmySpy: Texas ComiconDream Home: Beauty exudes old world charm90s Pop StarsComics GamesWASHINGTON An opinion poll released Monday by an environmental advocacy group found that voters in 21 out of 23 highly contested congressional House election races were more likely to support Democratic incumbents who voted for climate control legislation last year.

According to the poll sponsored by the , on average, 52 percent of likely voters in 23 battleground districts said they favored climate control legislation that would create jobs and set limits on greenhouse gases.

The NRDC chose races that the nonpartisan Cook Political Report identified as tossups and singled out candidates who had voted for climate change legislation that the House approved in 2009. There are more registered Republicans in 13 of the selected districts, more registered

The legislation, which was never voted on in the passage, michael kors outlet online store usa would empower the government to set a limit on the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted nationally. Under the capandtrade system in the bill, companies would have to get permits to emit these gases but could buy and sell the permits, depending on their own levels of emitting greenhouse gasses blamed for climate warming.

The legislation sets a target for reducing greenhouse gases by 17 percent in 2020 compared to 2005 levels.

, director of the , said the poll results show that the public still wants a bill and w michael kors outlet online store usa ould support candidates that took that position.

The automated surveys were conducted by Public Policy Polling between Oct. 10 and 11. More than 500 likely voters in each district answered prerecorded questions by pushing numbers on their telephones.

The survey included this description of the legislation: Congress is considering an energy bill to move America towards a new energy future including investments in wind and solar power. Supporters say the energy bill will create millions of new jobs, reduce our use of foreign oil, hold corporate polluters accountable and cut the pollution that causes climate change. Opponents say the bill will cost companies money and is like an energy tax that would actually reduce jobs.

Respondents were then asked: If a candidate for Congress voted for this energy bill, would you be much more likely to vote for him, somewhat more likely, somewhat less likely, or much less likely to vote for him, or would it make no difference to you.

In all but two races, a majority of voters said they were more likely or much more likely to vote for a candidate who had supported the bill. The two incumbent Democrats that lacked a clear majority were Reps. of New Mexico and Zach Space of Ohio.

The poll didnt ask voters explicitly whether they supported cap and trade, a term that has become loaded in debates about climate cha michael kors outlet online store usa nge. Republicans and Tea Party activists often refer to cap and trade as cap and tax. They contend that the legislation underestimates the costs for businesses and consumers.

, a spokesman for the , charged that the NRDC was skewing the debate.

As this poll conveniently fails to mention, the Democrats national energy tax would destroy American jobs and increase costs on middleclass families, Lindsay claimed. It may be hard for radical environmental groups to accept their diminished clout in the next Congress, but the Democrats who supported this jobkilling legislation are headed towards defeat in November. michael kors outlet online store usa