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longchamp tote bag

Published: Tuesday 30 July, 2013

longchamp tote bag longchamp tote bag Fox calls CNN stupid

Yeah Fox, about that. you are Pot Calling Kettle Black! sure, the CNN talking head lady was an idiot when she asked Bill Nye if a meteor could threaten to crash into planet Earth because of longchamp tote bag Global warming. No, No, No, as Bill Nye rightly replied. Because you cant get global warming on an asteroid that has zero atmosphere, for cry eye.but how many million times have talking heads on Fox willfully misunderstood the physics of greenhouse gas longchamp tote bag es and solar radiation and sea level rise and arctic melting and all the intricate science realities of this topic?? far too many for me to count. So if you are going to mock somebody for being an idiot in order to get a little tv coverage see, it worked! You repeated it then at least have the decency to look in the damn mirror, because NOBODY does this as often as you do.It is ironic that Fox News cries foul of one stupid question by a CNN reporter while Fox News has carried on an intentional disinformation campaign denying the 100+ years of science behind manmade climate change. As Chris says, the idiotic, false, and patently dishonest things Fox News personalities have said about manm longchamp tote bag ade climate change are far too many to count. longchamp tote bag