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Published: Friday 23 August, 2013

longchamp online outlet longchamp online outlet Germans Are Also Spying on Germans

The revelations of NSA spying activities have, predictably, generated plenty of headlines in Germany. The initial undertone of much of this coverage was predictable: everyone can be a victim of the superpowerful secret American surveillance state; Americans, as usual, are blindly overreacting and sacrificing their socalled liberties for the illusion of security.

However, some reporters and commentators are beginning to ask a question which would seem a lot more relevant for Germans: are German spy agencies doing similar things? The answer, depending on who you ask, is either or have no idea, since all these matters are kept secret in Germany and there have been no whistleblowers one point made by Niko Hrting at the CRonline blog in a post entitled Agencies: Justified Criticism in the USA, Blind Trust in German longchamp online outlet y my translation:

T longchamp online outlet he manner in which German spy agencies use the considerable powers granted them under current la longchamp online outlet w is unknown. Therefore, it impossible to say if there are programs in Germany which might be comparable to Spy agencies operate in hiding, and parliamentary oversight is performed by a committee whose meetings are strictly confidential. Whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning have not come forward in Germany in recent years.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the main spy agency is planning a 100 million program to train and hire 100 new spies for Internet surveillance.

Two questions: 1 Where are the German whistleblowers? and 2 If one actually came forward, would he or she be celebrated as a hero by Germans, or denounced as a who is endangering valuable and necessary security measures?

However, I do see that people are against spying, but they are not even ready to take minimal precautions themselves.

Security and privacy is underrated.

This is a big problem: Governments ever more invasive into citizens and foreigners privacy, but looking as friendly as ever.

My impression is that the Germans attitude towards internet spying is similar to that to highlevel corruption:

They find it disgraceful, the bad people on top do it, but they don really care so much as they don feel personally concerned.

Now it a good thing that most people can afford not to feel like victims of corruption, and it says something about how much corruption is limited. However, as for internet spying, it all an illusion. You ARE concerned. longchamp online outlet