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longchamp large tote bag

Published: Monday 23 September, 2013

longchamp large tote bag longchamp large tote bag Gails Garden at Heartsease Cottage

Dried Naracissus blossoms, in a frothy pile, saved from Winterforced bulbs are decor in their own right.

of us are familiar with dehydrat longchamp large tote bag ing and drying foods as one of several methods of preserving them for long term storage. I have found that dehydrating/drying is one of my favorite methods for not only preserving food and herbs, but for preserving flowers and other botanical elements for use in potpourris.

Recently I was able to satisfy a Winter hunger for flowers by making a potpourri see post on 2/29/12, Yearning for Spring Potpourri. One of the ingredients in this potpourri was dried narcissus blossoms.

purchased one of those store bought kits for forcing bulbs into Winter bloom. I enjoyed the plants and their blossoms for about a month, then allowed the flowers to dry on their stems.

I enjoyed the narcissus in the South Gable upstairs for about a month.

After the blossoms dried, I snipped them off and enjoyed them in a pile on the mantle see photo at the top of this post in the dining room for a few days until including them in a Yearning for Spring potpourri.

Your own garden, your neighbors gardens, store bought flowers, your spice cabinet, a walk in the park or along a Nature trail are all good sources for dried, natural flowers, herbs, bark, moss, pods, and seeds. Just be sure to know what your gathering avoiding poisonous plants, of course.

Leaves, berries, flowers, shells, beach glass, sliced citrus, and spices are all potpourri possibilities. These organic, natural elements are your first layer of interest.

Essential oils add scent and create an atmosphere the second layer of your potpourri experience. Orris root in chunks or powder holds the scent against fading. If you can get orris root, I heard that chopped, dried corncobs mixed with essential oils make an acceptable fixative.

The third layer of a potpourri is how you stage it. Pretty dishes, bowls, an interesting pl longchamp large tote bag atter, flat stones even old canning jars display your creation.

add oldfashioned or eclectic elegance to an area and nice, subtle scent.

You can dry flowers and herbs on waxed paperlined trays cookie sheets atop kitchen cabinets.

They can also be dried in bundles suspended from a ceiling or rack.

Dropped ceilings, such as this office style type in my kitc longchamp large tote bag hen are useful for drying herbs or bundles of flowers from the grids.

Essential oils the authentic oils of botanical substances may be purchased from health food stores and are an essential ingredient in potpourris.

I store my dried organic ingredients in boxes, jars, and even plastic bags so they handy when I want them. Once dried, I keep them in the cool pantry away from light which will fade them. Most dried flowers and herbs fade over time.

usually make new potpourris once or twice a year as the urge moves me. I do have one that is over 40years old, that although faded to a nearly uniform tan color, has retained its luscious fragrance in an closed apothecary jar. Every so often I take a whiff and am transported to a memorable time long ago!

It almost Spring! If creating your own potpourris for your home, or as thoughtful, homemade gifts appeals to you, now is the time to start thinking about what and where to gather. longchamp large tote bag