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Published: Sunday 25 August, 2013

kors watches on sale kors watches on sale 2009 Monash University Carbon Footprint

Monash has now completed its 2009 carbon footprint. The footprint was expanded this year to include all University operations, whereas previously only oncampus activities have been measured. Electricity and gas consumption and air travel continue to be the major contributors to the footprint. Since 2005, Monashs greenhouse gas emissions per gross floor area have decreased by 5%, which is 4.6% below business as usual expectations for that period. With an annual footprint equal to that of 14,300 Victorian households, Monash remains committed to reducing its carbon footprint. This year t kors watches on sale he footprint was calculated in accordance with the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting Act 2007, which includes all properties owned or l kors watches on sale eased by Monash, including those located outside campus boundaries. The extended area resulted in a 9.7% increase in the total tonnes CO2e emitted by the University when compared with the 2008 footprint. The increase resulted from the increased electricity and gas from the additional properties included and from increased international air travel.

The Universitys total greenhouse gas emissions increased 5% during the last year when compared to the same boundary used in 2008. When calculated per gross floor area, greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 0.24 t CO2e/m2 remained the same as 2008, with greenhouse gas emissions per student in 2009 4.8 tonnes CO2e/EFTSL decreasing from 4.9 tonnes CO2e/EFTSL in 2008.

The majority of the 2009 Universitys carbon footprint arises from electricity consumption 71.4%, international travel 13.5% and gas consumption 10.3%. After offsets for purchase of GreenPower and fleet vehicles, the Universitys carbon footprint in 2009 was equivalent to the emissions of 14,300 Victorian households.

Carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse emissions that an organisation, event or activity causes.

Gross Floor Area is the entire floorspace of a building or set of buildings.

CO2e: CO2 equivalent is the amount of carbon dioxide that would have the same global warming effect as the actual greenhouse gases emitted by an organisation, event or activity. The term CO2e makes it easier to compare two or more carbon footprints.

EFTSL Equivalent Full Time Student Load is the amount of load a student would have when studying full time for one year. In the context of the Universitys carbon footprint, it represents the number of fulltime students. kors watches on sale