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Published: Thursday 22 August, 2013

isabel marant sneakers shop online isabel marant sneakers shop online Answers on Australian Government

Australian Government: Should the Australian government add the livestock industry to the list of companies that should pay the carbon tax?

Cattle are a major source of methane, so you could argue yes. However, every time you exhale you take increases the carbon dioxide in the air, so by the same argument every one of us should be taxed for breathing.

Australia has an insignificant population, with a reasonably large economy that is nonetheless irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If the govt seriously wanted to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air, they

1 Flood the salt lakes. The classic is Lake McLeod, in the the extreme west of Western Australia. This salt lake is larger than many European countries, a mere 7K from the coast, and has a very small mangrove swamp at its northern end. Flooding the lake would allow the mangroves to expand, creating a water isabel marant sneakers shop online wonderland that the rabbits couldn destroy.

2 Dam the run off waters in northern Australia. Northern QLD alone has ten times as much much run off water as is currently collected by the Snowy Mountains Scheme if we collected this water we could turn vast regions of arid land into profitable farmland. Since that land is currently worthless, we could recoup much of the cost of construction by acquiring the worthless land and then reselling it once it was irrigated. politics benefit by adopting the Westminster style parliament?

Technically, the Prime Minister is appointed by the Crown, on the understanding that they can muster the support of a majority of the Lower House. In practice, this is the leader of the party with the most seats.

Also of importance, government ministers must be chosen from parliament. The system should, and usually does, ensure that everyone in the executive arm of government is practiced at working together and getting things done.

Now the Prime Minister is in theory first amongst equals, rather than an outright ruler.

Now isabel marant sneakers shop online that we got the system out of the way the major problem with the system that would be even worse in the US: the media are too lazy and sensationalist to care about anything other than what the PM is doing.

OZ has been drifting towards a more presidential style government because that suits the journalists;the US media, which is even more over the top, would ignore the change and continue to treat American PMs as if they were still presidents.

The Westminster system seems to need the monarchy to work well. When there is a visible monarch to absorb the more frivolous media spotlight, politicians are seen as more equal, and have to work harder on what they stand for. When the monarchy isn in the spotlight, the PM becomes the media darling, and so overshadows everything else in politics actual exchange soon after Julia Gillard became PM: Gillard on TV! what she wearing?

The US does need to overhaul the democratic isabel marant sneakers shop online process, of . moreLoading.

Australian Government: Is there any merit to claims that ASIO an Australian intelligence agency was used to spy on environmental groups in Australia?

Possibly, but the only powers ASIO operatives have relate to aircraft and vessels

they can demands answers to questions about these vehicles, their

cargoes and passengers, and to see the related paperwork.

For anything

else, they need a warrant. The rules for ASIO are exactly the same as for any other government organisation. So if they been spying on environmental groups, they persuaded a judge that there is cause for investigation. This wouldn surprise me,as there been a number of cases of rogue indulging in vandalism in the name of the environment serious greenies hate this, so if ASIO can locate these twerps and provide info to the police, everyone wins. isabel marant sneakers shop online