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Published: Monday 26 August, 2013

isabel marant sneakers online sale isabel marant sneakers online sale Answers on Solar Energy

Solar Energy: How powerful is the Sun in relation to humanity energy needs?

Nearly all usable energy on earth is solar in origin except uranium and plutonium, which come from supernovae, including the supernova that created our solar system.

Animals eat plants or eat other animals big and microscopic that eat plants, thus locking that same solar energy into new chemical bonds or burning it to generate kinetic energy electric bicycles or heat. Petroleum is what left of the cadavers of dinosaurs and other smaller animals which died hundreds of millions of years ago.

Wind is caused by temperature fluctuations in the atmosphere, which in turn are largely caused by differences in the amount of solar heating one patch of atmosphere receives compared to another.

The oceans are indirectly affected, as are the snows which melt into rivers, by the trapping o isabel marant sneakers online sale f solar radiation by greenhouse gases.

So basically we are wasting vast resources digging for deriv isabel marant sneakers online sale ative forms of solar energy instead of going to the much cheaper and more abundant original source which won run out until long after our species ends.

Nice post, Andrew. :

Andrew Ross Long

You are right on Vikram. Thanks for posting this explanation that all power is basically derived solar.

The situation on Earth right now is as if we are trying to run a car using only its starter and the power in its battery. . . then, as those get lower and lower, we start burning the actual atoms that make up the car body to generate more energy. We drawing down our bat isabel marant sneakers online sale tery that took millions of years to accumulate at an alarming rate when a daily solar income many multiples of what we need is being largely ignored. isabel marant sneakers online sale