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Published: Saturday 10 August, 2013

isabel marant online sneakers isabel marant online sneakers ´╗┐Appalachian Coal Miners Say EPA Rules Are Killing Their Jobs

Michael Fox can literally see where his job ends. 14year veteran of the West Virginia coal mining industry is about a year and a half out from finishing his current project, and he can see the boundaries of the site. He doesnt know whether there will be any work left for him after that, since a wave of environmental regulation has put his firms other permits on hold. we can get a permit, we cant extend the job no farther, he said. They say the rules amount to a de facto freeze on a chunk of the industry, jeopardizing jobs in one of the most economically depressed parts of the country. last year, The Environmental Protection Agency has stepped up regulation on mountaintop coal mining across six Appalachian states because the explosives that are used to remove mountain surfaces send debris into rivers and streams, endangering the environm isabel marant online sneakers ent. with the stricter rules in place, the industry, which is considered the lifeblood of Appalachian towns, argues its under attack. Workers and advocacy groups that represent them say the rules unfairly target their region and require mining firms to meet unrealistic standards. say the holdup threatens mining jobs, industry investment and small businesses in the region that rely on the salaries of wellpaid miners to keep their economy humming. causing the elimination of jobs across Appalachia, said Bryan Brown, executive director of the Federation for American Coal, Energy and Security, or FACES of Coal. Capitol Wednesday. senators and representatives fr isabel marant online sneakers om the affected states. The bipartisan VIP list includes Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, RKy.; Sen. Jim Webb, DVa.; Sen. Mark Warner, DVa.; and Sen. a state like West Virginia, whose $37,500 median household income is well below the national average, coal mining is considered a dangerousbutreliable career. who lives in Gilbert, estimates that he pulls in about $70,000 a year as a heavy equipment operator. He owns a small apartment complex on the side that he rents out to visiting trail riders; he intended that to be a nest egg for his kids education. But without the mining job, he worries he wont be able to afford to maintain that side business and, in turn, wont be able to send his kids to college. to a study put out in May by Republicans on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, EPA regulations put one in every four coal jobs in the region at risk. The study estimated that nearly 18,000 jobs, and about 80 small businesses, were tied to the 190 permits under enhanced review at the time. Coal Association President Bill Bissett said that 30 of those permits have since been withdrawn over EPA environmental concerns. Claiming thousands of other permits could be retroactively affected, Bissett called the regulations a twofold attack on the industry. He said the new framework has put mining firms investment on hold, as well as that of outside investors. in limbo, he said. Obama administration has taken several actions since last year to crack down on potential environmental damage from coal mining. the Clean Water Act, the EPA last June announced stricter environmental reviews for mountaintop coal mining in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Ohio. the EPA clamped down on the Spruce No. in April, the EPA issued a memorandum that called for mining firms to meet strict water quality standards. The rule requires the firms to minimize the amount of minerals and pollution running into the waterways as a result of their work. memo called the environmental impact farreaching, citing studies showing that thousands of miles of streams had been filled in by debris and that nine of every 10 streams downstream from isabel marant online sneakers the mining activity were impaired by the work. said the standard the EPA uses is ludicrous and almost impossible to meet. drinking water doesnt meet that standard, he said. Theyve implemented it knowing that the industry cant meet it. isabel marant online sneakers