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Published: Sunday 25 August, 2013

isabel marant online sale isabel marant online sale ´╗┐Democrats hold wide cash leads in all four competitive Va

Virginias four potentially vulnerable Democratic members of Congress all have commanding financial leads over their opponents, giving them a key strategic advantage as they battle antiincumbent headwinds between now and November.

Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show that Democratic Reps. Rick Boucher, Gerald Connolly, Glenn Nye and Tom Perriello each ended the second quarter of the year with at least $1.3 million in the bank, while their four GOP challengers each had less than $300,000 available as of June 30.

Incumbents usually, but dont always, outraise challengers, and total campaign cash is only one of multiple factors that determine the winners on Election Day. But the Democrats edge at this point means that Republicans will have to spend more time on the fundraising ci isabel marant online sale rcuit and will be less able to saturate the airwaves with advertisements. It also means that national Republicans may have to make difficult decisions about which of their candidates to assist financially.

Republicans talk a big game about the strength of their candidates, but these finance reports show a surge in support for independentminded, resultsoriented Democrats, said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Jesse Ferguson, wondering which GOP candidate will be the first one national party leaders abandon to the sidelines.

In the 11th district in Northern Virginia, Oakton businessman Keith Fimian had $269,000 in the bank at the end of June, while Connolly had $1.3 million. Connolly outraised Fimian in April, May and June, $385,000 to $333,000.

In the 9th district in the southwest region of the state, Boucher had $2 million in the bank at the end of June, while state House Minority Leader Morgan Griffith R had $297,000. They raised similar amounts for the quarter $298,000 for Griffith and $285,000 for Boucher.

In the 5th district, which cuts from north of Charlottesvile down to the North Carolina border, Perriello had $1.7 million on hand as of June 30, while state Sen. Robert Hurt R reported $216,000. The Republican raised a total of $376,000 for the quarter, while the Democrat raised $660,000.

And in the Hampton Roadsbased 2nd district, Nye reported $1.3 million available at the end of the quarter after raising $326,000. Auto dealer Scott Rigell R had just $227,000 left after raising $579,000, though Rigell is wealthy and is potentially able to erase some of that difference from his own pocket.

Fimian, Hurt and Rigell all had to overcome tough primaries before they could claim the Republican nominations, and so their fundraising from now through November will probably exceed the pace they set earlier in the year.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Andy Ser said the four Democrats remained vulnerable, despite the financial breakdown.

Incumbents leading the fundraising race is the norm, Ser said, adding that what is uncommon and deeply encouraging for us, is that the Republicans were generally outperforming the Democrats in publicly released polls.

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