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Published: Friday 27 September, 2013

isabel marant fringe boots isabel marant fringe boots An excellent summary of global warming

Some key points from my first quick read:

Influencing the discussion are isabel marant fringe boots groups such as The Heartland Institute, a political organization whose goal is to promote free market policies. When it comes to climate change, the group objective is to the claim that global warming is a crisis. Its president, Joseph Bast, talking to the journal Nature recently, claimed that they had swayed public and political opinions toward their view. But he expressed frustration that they had not been able to convince scientists.

Heartland is, of course, a lobbying organization who is paid by big corporations in the tobacco and now fossil fuel industries, to lobby for reduced regulations of the things those companies do. Like cause the deaths of people from smoking and disrupt the natural greenhouse effect and cause the planet to warm. That is what Heartland Institute and their likeminded nonscience lobbying organizations do they lobby.

In contrast:

However, scientists are more likely to be convinced by data than by opinions. And climate scientists are frustrated that such political organizations and the larger public downplay the data that show climate change is occurring because of the actions of man.

Yes, scientists do science. And the science overwhelmingly and unequivocally demonstra isabel marant fringe boots tes that the planet is warming and the main cause is due to massive emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels and related processes. Scientists are questioning the degree of the change, and at what rate climate changes will occur in the future. But they aren debating the primary causes of it.

We have put 950 pieces into a 1000 piece puzzle. Scientists are debating what to make of the other 50 pieces a few of which are added each year. So there are some thing isabel marant fringe boots s we could know better, but we most certainly know what the picture is going to look like. And it isnt pretty.

arent two sides to the science, Schmidt said. pubic debate implies that the whole thing is just a matter of an opinion it is not. is actually a key point. The science is unequivocal. Even the handful of actual climate scientists who the denialist industry tout as skeptics all agree that the planet is warming and greenhouse gases are a major part of that warming. But the nonscience lobbyist organizations like the Heartland Institute are adept at manipulating public opinion. That is what they do for a living. Whereas scientists do science and are adept at communicating their research through the peerreviewed literature and scientific meetings to other scientists, they generally arent very good at messaging the science to the public in easy to understand sound bites. Heartland and others ignore the science and create those sound bites that fit nicely on a bumper sticker for the ideologically minded public, and thus doing create a false narrative.. isabel marant fringe boots