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Published: Sunday 01 September, 2013

high heel shoes high heel shoes Asian News Digest

CANBERRA, Au high heel shoes stralia Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is ousted as Labor Party leader by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, in a vote of party lawmakers hoping to avoid a huge defeat in upcoming elections. The ballot takes place three years and two days after Gillard ousted Rudd in a similar internal government showdown to become the countrys first female prime minister. Wednesdays vote makes Rudd leader of the party, but he is not yet prime minister and may not get the job if lawmakers abandon Labors ruling coalition. Moved. By Rod McGuirk. AP Photos.

BEIJING Assailants attack police and other people with knives and set fire to police cars in Chinas restive farwestern region in violence that kills 27 people, one of the bloodiest incidents since unrest in the regional capital killed nearly 200 in 2009. The earlymorning violence described by state media as riots also leave at least three people injured in a remote area of the Turkicspeaking Xinjiang region, the official Xinhua News Agency says. Moved. By Gillian Wong.

GAUCHAR, India Paramilitary soldiers recover 20 bodies from a steep hillside in northern India where a helicopter crashed while on a mission to rescue people stranded by monsoon floods that have killed more than 1,000 people and washed away thousands of homes, roads and bridges in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Moved. By Rafiq Maqbool. National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. Moved. AP Photos.

ISLAMABAD Pakistans prime minist high heel shoes er orders the government to begin a treason investigation into exmilitary ruler Pervez Musharraf. Moved. By Ganbat Namjilsangarav. AP Photos.

BEIJING A Chinese space capsule with three astronauts lands safely on the countrys northern grasslands after a 15day trip to a prototype space station, marking the latest success for Chinas manned space program as it enters its second decade. Moved. By Christopher Bodeen. AP Photos.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands Japans annual whale hunt is a commercial slaughter of marine mammals dressed up as science, Australian lawyers argue as they urge the United Nations highest court to ban the hunt. Moved. By Mike Corder. AP Photos.

TOKYO Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his ruling party must win next months upper house elections to ensure a stable future for J high heel shoes apan after years of indecisive politics hampered by a divided parliament. Moved.

TOKYO The worlds first space conversation experiment between a robot and humans is ready to be launched. Moved. By Azusa Uchikura.

SEOUL, South Korea South Koreas largest mobile operator is launching what it says is the worlds fastest wireless network. SK Telecom Co. says the LTEAdvanced network can download data at speeds twice as fast as LTE networks and 10 times faster than third generation services. Moved. By Youkyung Lee.

YANGON, Myanmar Foreign companies will tap into one of the worlds final telecom frontiers when Myanmar hands out licenses to operate two new mobile phone networks part of efforts by the longisolated nation to use technology to spur economic development. Moved. By Robin McDowell. AP Photos.

TOKYO Shareholders angry at the utility company behind Japans nuclear catastrophe pepper executives with questions about leaking radioactive water and demand a phaseout of atomic power. Moved. By Yuri Kageyama. AP Photos.

BANGKOK Tobacco giant Philip Morris and more than 1,400 Thai retailers will sue Thailands health ministry over a rule that would nearly cover cigarette packets with smoking warnings, a tobacco trade representative says. Moved. high heel shoes