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Published: Tuesday 24 September, 2013

handbag wholesalers handbag wholesalers do you live there daily when you go to work

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Yes. every day is a case of the MONDAYS and handbag wholesalers handbag wholesalers we even have a guy like Lumburg! Um. yeah. Instead of memo we get emails. TONS and TONS of emails. And not only that. The boss likes to print them out and put them on the desk so he makes sure you read and sign it. And not only that. We have boxes at work so we each find a copy of the email as well.

There is always alot of things that don function and we just want to smash it with a hammer. The computer that I am working right now, although an AT HOME computer is crappy and about ready to give out. So when I get my new computer I had already devised to throw a true Office Style party. Take it out to an open field with friends and a baseball bat and hammer away at it. Course, I would have to clean it up afterwards, but it would be totally worth it.

I even thought so much as to wanna make up personalized invitations to send out to those select few who would cherish the special moment of passage. hehe. I LOVE that movie.

But when I started my IT job, I was a cube monkey. I got a Red Swingline stapler and there was always the perverbial sucky printer that we wanted to toss out the window. We didn have any super wierd people like milton or any bosses that asked us to come in on Saturday, in fact, I was often asked to leave early.

I did have three bosses that told me to do different things often and that caused a few conflicts.

I now have an office and I still have my red swingline stap handbag wholesalers ler AND NO ONE IS GOING TO BORROW IT!

For some strange wierd reason, Monday aren that bad. Tuesday and Wednesday suck cause there in the middle first half of the week. Sunday sucks the most cause you know you have to go back to work, once you there it is generally ok. Thursday is the best for me because it is typically the most chilled out day of the week. handbag wholesalers