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Published: Sunday 25 August, 2013

designer wholesale handbags designer wholesale handbags door bid to curb global warming

In a unanimous decision, the high court said the federal Clean Air Act and the actions of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA displace any commonlaw right to have federal judges develop and police enforcement of carbon dioxide pollution standards.

Congress designated an expert agency, here, EPA, as best suited to serve as primary regulator of greenhouse gas emissions, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote for the court. The expert agency is surely better equipped to do the job than individual district judges issuing ad hoc, casebycase injunctions.

The decision is setback for environmentalists who are concerned about the pace of government regulation of greenhouse gases. It marks a victory for corporations and businesses concerned about the uncertain costs of future environmental regulations.

Todays decision ensures that the public and private utilities named as defendants in this case, as well as other companies that provide vital services to the public, can continue to operate without the threat of federal climate change tort litigation, and the substantial costs and risks to productivity these claims present, said Peter Keisler, who argued the case at the Supreme Court on behalf of designer wholesale handbags the power companies.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of six states, New York City, and three conservation land trusts, accused five power companies of being among the largest greenhousegas polluters in the country emitting 650 million tons of carbon dioxide a year.

The suing states Connecticut, California, Iowa, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont said such emissions amounted to a public nuisance. designer wholesale handbags They asked a federal judge to order the companies to end the nuisance by capping their emissions and developing a plan to systemically reduce their contributio designer wholesale handbags ns to greenhouses gases. designer wholesale handbags