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Published: Monday 05 August, 2013

cheapest michael kors cheapest michael kors Africas Envi cheapest michael kors ronmental Problems

Desertification is the process whereby land reverts to desert. This is due to the cutting of firewood as well as grazing livestock in dry, marginal areas.

Mining and deforestation are major factors in the loss of biodiversity. These activities contribute to the destruction of habitat and pollution, which in turn causes a decline in animal and plant species.

Major sources of air pollution include burning wood or charcoal for cooking, and vehicle emissions. As the urban population grows, greenhouse gases produced from firewood and charcoal production have decreased the air quality.

Polluted rivers and wells are major sources of environmental problems and disease in Africa. Africa lacks the infrast cheapest michael kors ructure and technology to treat waste water, a problem compounded by the fact that Africa accepts human waste from the United States and Europe.

In the process of deforestation, roads are built through previously intact forests. The piecing of the forest leaves edges that are vulnerable to changes in microclimate, invasive speci cheapest michael kors es, loss of species and increased human activity. cheapest michael kors

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