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Published: Saturday 17 August, 2013

cheap sandals cheap sandals ´╗┐Assembly sends global warming bill to Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger has said he would sign the bill, which incorporates guidelines he outlined last year in an executive order. Lawmakers approved the bill by a 4731 vote, a day after it passed the Senate.

cannot debate there is a problem. This country is responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gases, said Assemblyman Dario Frommer, DLos Angeles. think its incumbent on us to do something. Thats what were doing here today. bill will position the nations most populous state in the forefront of the national debate over climate change while handing Schwarzenegger a key environmental victory to take on the campaign trail this fall for his reelection.

Democrats and about a dozen Schwarzenegger administration officials spent weeks seeking compromise over legislation that they hope will serve as a national model in the absence of federal regulations.

about to embark on an expedition here in greenhouse gases and be a leader, a leader in the world, something California can truly be proud of, said Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, DLos Angeles.

The bill requires the states major industries such as utility plants, oil and gas refineries, and cement kilns to reduce their emissions of the pollutants widely believed to contribute to global warming. The bill even covers garbage dumps, which emit methane gas.

Among the strategies likely to be employed to achieve the reductions is a market program that had been sought by the administration. It would allow businesses to buy, sell and trade emission credits with other companies.

The 11member California Air Resources Board, which is appointed by the governor, will oversee the implementation of the emissions cap.

The bill includes a directive that the air board craft a p cheap sandals lan that includes a ma cheap sandals rket program as a way to meet the target. A similar program is operating in Europe.

The action was praised by environmentalists who gathered Thursday for a Capitol press conference to thank Schwarzenegger for his endorsement of the proposal. They framed the cap as a step toward fighting global climate change.

But the mandate has been criticized by representatives of industry, among them the California Chamber of Commerce, a key Schwarzenegger ally. Opponents say a Californiaonly cap will increase industry costs and force businesses to scale back their operations.

would do nothing to address the intended goal of global warming, said Assemblywoman Mimi Walters, RLaguna Niguel. would require California businesses to cut back on production at a time California is growing. arguing against the bill Thursday said an emissions cap imposed only in California would do little to curb global emissions if companies relocated their plants to other states or countries.

Some Republicans also disputed the science behind global warming, saying disagreement persists over whether human activity is contributing to what could be a natural cycle in climate change.

a substantial amount of evidence that any warming occurring now is a natural occurrence, said Assembly Ray Haynes, RMurrieta.

More than half the list named business entities such as the California Ski Industry Association, Environmental Solar Design and Pacific Gas Electric Co., the states largest utility.

should be the home of alternate fuels and clean technology providing sustainable jobs for the 21st century, said Pavley, DAgoura Hills.

Republican Shirley Horton of San Diego, the only Republican to vote for the bill, said a mandatory cap promises to bring 83,000 jobs to California. They would be added in new technology ventures that soon will be in demand across cheap sandals the world, she said.

As a way to ensure that businesses could meet the aggressive cap, Schwarzenegger had said that any bill must include a structure allowing for the creation of a market system. It would allow companies to buy, sell or trade emission credits.

The market approach is especially helpful for industries that cannot meet their emission targets through energy efficiency practices or the use of alternative fuels.

The bill also included a Schwarzenegger provision allowing for a socalled valve. That will allow the governor to delay the emissioncap mandate if the state is hit with a natural disaster, terrorist attack of some other emergency.

California is the worlds 12th largest producer of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and could suffer dire consequences if global temperatures increase only a few degrees. Reports by state agencies indicate a 2 to 3degree rise in temperature could melt the Sierra snowpack earlier each year, lead to flooding in the Central Valley and threaten the states longterm water supply for cities and farms.

Assemblyman John Laird, DSanta Cruz, responded to his colleagues who said the Pavley bill would lead to a march of companies and businesses out of California.

shutdown of our world climate is a surefire job killer, he said. reefs across the world are dying. Species are dying. It is time for action. Pavley bill is one of two pieces of climate change legislation that is going to the governor.

Also Thursday, the Senate passed a bill that would prohibit the state from entering longterm contracts with any outofstate utility that fails to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. The bill, by Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata passed 2114, a day after it was approved in the Assembly. cheap sandals

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