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Published: Tuesday 13 August, 2013

cheap jordans cheap jordans ´╗┐Asteroid Dust Sprinkled Over Earth to Reduce

Asteroid dust could apparently be the Earths cure for global warming. If youre picturing something like powdered sugar being sifte cheap jordans d over a muffin or sprinkles on a cupcake, youre not the only one. How on earth could this bizarre scenario help with climate change? And will everyone be c cheap jordans hoking on this dust from space?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Dont worry about developing an allergy to this intergalactic powder: The dust would be spewed from an asteroid, equipped with a mass diver, far out in space, and ideally, then act as a sunshade for Mother Earth. Scottish scientists say that by shading earth with a giant dust cloud, drastic climate change could be prevented more effectively alongside other methods, such as reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Its called geoengineering, which thinks about the global warming problem on a, well, more universal scale.

cheap jordans However, there are potential risks and dangers to this asteroid dust. One scientist pointed out that a very large asteroid is a potential threat to Earth. They would have to somehow gravitationally anchor the dust cloud how they would do that is another subject entirely. He also admits that theres no way to fully test this dust cloud on a large scale to verify its effectiveness before implementing it. Hmmm. Well, then, how would they do this without causing a reallife Armageddon? That is a question yet to be answered. What do you think of this proposed solutiongenius, or reckless?

Asteroid dust could apparently be the Earths cure for global warming

not exactly. Its more like taking tylenol for a fever the illness remains, but the dangerous symptoms of the disease are reduced.

Global warming is such a damaging disease to the ocean and atmosphere of our planet that it is becoming time to consider geoengineering solutions. But two things are critical.

1. The treatment must not be worse than the disease.

2. Addressing the symptoms of the illness through geoengineering must not lull us into a false sense of safety. So long as we continue to pump carbon into the sky, the illness will remain, and dusting the sky to block sunlight will be a mere stopgap measure. As soon as you stop blocking the sunlight, it heats up again, because the carbon is still there. cheap jordans